New article and a little surprise for me…


Somebody asked me how to install Oracle9i on Red Hat 4.0, so I wrote quick how-to. Personally, I can’t see the point. Why run an old version of Oracle that requires you to make RHEL 4 think it’s RedHat 9? Each to their own I guess.

A number of bloggers have mentioned the new Oracle blogs site, so I thought I’d check it out. I was more than a little surprised when I found my blog listed there. I’m a very “off-topic” blogger and my opinion of Oracle is not always flattering. I guess I slipped through the quality control net…

Now, who do I need to bribe in order to get one of those little ACE images? 😉



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8 thoughts on “New article and a little surprise for me…”

  1. Crafty. In an effort to drive more traffic to your Web site, the link to ‘’ points at your 9i/RH article 🙂

  2. Why bribe some one else for an Ace.. lets create a “King” program on Oracle-Base.

    Heck there is money in any certification / program that we can come up with 😉

  3. Interesting, they have you listed as “Oracle-Base” instead of by name “Tim Hall” like the rest of us. I don’t think they actually read your blog!

    You get the “Ace” when you have posted so many articles to the Oracle forums.

  4. From OTN.. ;-).. The Oracle ACE program formally recognizes Oracle advocates with strong credentials as “activists” in the Oracle DBA and developer communities. Candidates are nominated by existing Oracle ACEs or Oracle product management on an ongoing basis and ratified by a nomination committee.

    Now that sounds fishy and may work with bribes as you said..

    Oracle King

  5. I vote for a new certification, “Oracle Joker”. That’s when you study a bunch of brain dumps, take a couple tests, and voila, you’re certified. Oh wait, we already have that.

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