Quality purchases…


I made a few quality purchases today, including:

– Germolene New Skin – It’s like fake plastic skin you can paint over cuts and grazes to stop you coating every piece of clothing you own with blood. I lost some skin off my knuckles on Wednesday night at Karate. What with showers, baths and swimming my knuckles didn’t look too happy this morning, until I gave them a new coating of skin. It will probably end up giving me cancer, but at least I don’t have blood all over my shirt sleves anymore 🙂

Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex) 2nd GIG Volume 2 – This Manga series is totally cool. I’ve got everything that’s been released in the UK, including the two feature films. The 2nd GIG also has a really cool theme tune, which you can hear on the website.

Placebo – Meds – The new CD from Placebo rocks. After almost 10 years I still find myself playing “Nancy Boy” and “Bruise Pristine” from the first CD on a weekly basis. I’ve been showing my age by listening to some quieter stuff recently, but now Rock is firmly back on the agenda.



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One thought on “Quality purchases…”

  1. Never been a massive fan of Placebo but if you’re into rock may I humbly suggest a listen of Tool.

    They’ve got a new album coming out around May supposedly (5 years after their last one, which came 5 years after the one before) and are quite simply the best band I’ve ever had the privilege to listen to 🙂



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