3 thoughts on “Fedora Core 5 is out…”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’m eagerly waiting for your article on installing oracle 10g database on FC5.

    Please drop a line when it is ready along with the url.



  2. Hi Tim,

    I just got the latest version of oracle xe running on Fedora Core 5. I traced the binary and the key for me was disabling SELinux. These are the steps I took, hope they help.

    Step 1)
    su – root

    Step 2)
    yum install libaio

    Step 3)
    Make sure the machine has a hostname.
    /etc/hosts molly molly

    Step 4)
    Set hostname
    hostname molly

    Step 5)
    Disable SELinux. I straced the binaries and this was the key for my installation.
    setenforce 0

    Step 6)
    Install the software
    rpm -ivh oracle-xe-


    Pete Hanlon

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