Desupport Notice…


I received a desupport notice this morning for, amongst other things:

  • iSQL*Plus version 10.2
  • SQL*Plus Windows GUI version 10.2

This sounded a bit odd, as both are the latest versions of the products. I checked the desupport date and in both cases it was 31-July-2010. This just seems plain stupid to me. Why produce a desupport notice for a product, when there is currently no natural upgrade or replacement available. Surely it would be better to wait for the release of Oracle 11(x) Database before issuing this notice.

I guess we can expect the desupport notices for the next version of the database before it’s actually released!



Update: I just noticed that Laurent Schneider has written something about this. Although I believe SQL Developer is an acceptable replacement for the GUI SQL*Plus, I don’t like the thought of having to have Oracle Application Express (HTML DB) to replace iSQL*Plus.

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3 thoughts on “Desupport Notice…”

  1. Hi sir
    That means that SQLPLUSW is not there anymore.I have installed 10gr1 on Solaris 9 but I couldnt find it.As you said,that means,isqlplus will also be not available too in future releases?
    On a differrent note,Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your new book.I just saw it on oracle-base.Hope it will touch the limits of success for you.
    with best wishes and regards
    Aman Sharma.

  2. Hi.

    sqlplusw is a Windows-onlt executable, so you wouldn’t find it on Solaris anyway.

    There has been talk of getting rid of sqlplusw for some time. It looks like they’ve finally done it. sqlplus will still be available for scripting, so it’s no big deal.

    I’m more worried about the loss of iSQL*Plus. This is a neat tool and serves the purpose nicely. I’m not too happy about having to use Application Express as a replacement for web based access.



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