One thought on “Celestia is totally cool…”

  1. I stumbled upon this gem too, I like space n sci fi. There are even extrasolar planets in celestia, and galaxy-hopping is funny, cuz impossible in a lifetime. one can float and speed around by pressing s to accelerate and a to decrease speed. or click any star and right-click go there. sadly, only stars inside our own galaxy are mapped. cuz astronomy cannot see other stars even until now. cuz nebulas between and in the galaxies keep the light from other galaxy stars from getting to us.
    you can just look and float into the mists of other galaxies. and all those plugins that exist for the prog, even star trek stuff. im a buff in ST TNG, but in celestia, i’d prefer more visuality. derived from probable scenarios. more 3d-planet surfaces. they are flat now, sadly, only somewhat skinned. and all suns look the same, apart from the color indicating the heat. especially eta carinae and such constantly exploding stars should look as they really do. Eta Carinae looks like two huge bubbles spreading huge amounts of red gas outwards. somehow it looks like some kind of human interior organ,
    as its constantly pumping, changing its whole overseeable size. Eta Carinae is an inferno. As described also by Harald Lesch in “Alpha Centauri”, the german TV series.

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