I went to see Poseidon last night. My thoughts include:

  • Visually cool, like Titanic.
  • A bit boring, like Titanic.
  • I didn’t feel any connection or empathy for the characters, like Titanic.
  • I wasn’t really bothered who lived or died, like Titanic.
  • The ship sunk, like Titanic.
  • Hopefully I’ll never see this film again, like Titanic.
  • Effects over substance, like Titanic.
  • People have the ability to function at their peak capacity, even in very cold water, like Titanic.

The characters were a little different to those in the Gene Hackman version, so some things I expected didn’t happen, which was probably a good thing for the older audience.

On reflection, I should have gone to see Xmen-3 for the third time 🙂



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