My Pool Nemesis…


Over the months I’ve come into contact with several people who have competed for the the title of my Pool Nemesis, including:

  • Really slow, floats with the current, guy.
  • Middle of the lane backstroke guy with wide flappy arms.
  • Three quarters of a length diagonal lane swimmer girl.
  • Doesn’t swim much but gets in the way when I’m trying to turn girl.
  • Swim half a length and stop to talk to the life guard dude.
  • Refuse to swim in a clockwise clockwise direction in the lane, even when asked by the life guard, guy.
  • Stand still and chill out about 5 metres away from the edge of the lane girl.
  • Lean against the lane rope pusing it 1 metre into the lane girl.

I think today I met my true Pool Nemesis. She had drawn some of her super powers from virtually everyone I have encountered in the past. You’ve got to respect someone that can pull together so many different skills and integrate them seamlessly into a single package. Truely worthy of the title! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “My Pool Nemesis…”

  1. Having been an experienced competitive swimmer, I can tell you that you need to become “Oops! Sorry to head butt you again guy (didn’t see you standing there)”.

  2. I’ve come close a number of times. Fortunately, imagining swimming with clenched fists and smacking these people is enough to lighten my mood so I don’t have to actually do it 🙂



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