Crank and Children…


I went to see the film Crank on Friday. It stars Jason Statham, who’s pretty cool in The Transporter (1 & 2) and several Guy Richie films. Of course, I didn’t expect Oscars, but this seemed like a random set of scenes designed to thrill or shock loosely strung together. It seemed more like a student film project than a cinema release. Some bits were enjoyable, so bit were not. If you’re a fan, wait for the DVD. If not, forget it ever existed…

On a ligher note, several things happened recently involving children that made me laugh, grossed me out or just plain shocked me:
1) I was talking to a friends 7 year old daughter, who asked me about my wife. From there, the conversation went something like this:

Me: I don’t have a wife.
Her: Everyone has a wife!
Me: I don’t. I live on my own.
Her: Everyone lives with someone. Even John and Richard live together and one of them is the wife!

John and Richard are a Gay couple, so this cracked me up. So as not to offend, I’m not going to publish which of the guys she thought was the wife. 🙂

2) I was at a friends 41st birthday party over the weekend. At one point she walked up to me with a pretty young woman and said, “This is my niece, she’s 12 years old!”… After she left, there was a collective, “Oh my God!”, from the group of people I was standing with. Twelve year old girls should not look that way! It’s just wrong on so many levels…
3) At the weekend, I was in a kids swimming pool with my brother and his two kids. After a few minutes, one of the kids noticed something in the pool with us. The “Crap Alert” was sounded and there was a sharp exit… 🙁
4) On the way out from the pool my nephew said, “I want an ice cream. You don’t have to ask my mom!” The onset of lies, deceit and trickery in a childs mind. You’ve got to love it 🙂


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  1. Firstly I am constantly travelling so its a little difficult to catch up with the blog sir but I miss it like anything.Thats the first thing I do when I am back and that is to read the entire posts.
    Me: I don’t have a wife.
    Her: Everyone has a wife!
    How sweet!Kids when talk like that, its just so sweet to see their innocent comments about everything.I just smiled so much reading this short conversation sir :-).
    With best regards

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