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I saw Casino Royale at the cinema last night. I thought it was a really cool film and I think Daniel Craig is a great bond. I always thought that Sean Connery was the perfect Bond, but Daniel Graig makes it a close call. I always thought that Roger Moore was too smooth and slimey and Pierce Brosnan was a bit pretty and weak looking. Both Connery and Daniel Graig look like they could do some damage in a fight, while Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan look like they could punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

As far as content goes, it’s not a normal Bond film at all. The character is a lot less refined and more “real”. It’s much more like the Bourne Identity type of film, so if you’re expecting the cheesey one liners and ridiculous gagets your going to be disappointed.

It looks like Daniel Graig has been given the go-ahead for more Bond films, which is great news!



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  1. Hi Tim

    I couldn’t really picture Daniel Craig as Bond but went to see it yesterday and he is superb. Really enjoyed the film, the torture scene and Eva Green.


  2. Casino Royale awasnt a Bond film.. NO way !. It was an action film but it didnt have the Bond quality.

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