It was my nephews 5th birthday party yesterday. One of the highlights was a Piñata which was tied on to a heavy wooden curtain rail. This thing was getting hit by an assortment of people between 2 to 76 years of age. Eventually, I decided to have a go and gave it a pretty good knock… Possibly to hard… In addition to smashing the piñata, I also managed to knock the curtain rail off the wall. Of course the kids didn’t notice this, they just dived for the sweets.

I guess I won’t be invited to join in later this month when my other nephew has his birthday… 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Piñata…”

  1. I know what you mean. I went to a kids birthday party over the weekend, and I was playing air hockey with my 5 year old. I really have to learn to ease up on the slapshot!!!! : )

    No children were harmed in the playing of air hockey.

  2. CarlosAL: OK, I was being a bit lazy. I’ve corrected it now. 🙂

    gandolf989: But children are the only people I can beat at anything. If I back off and loose on purpose, I’ll never win at anything! 🙂



  3. Before the new houses were built next to mine, there was an old house with an old pepper
    tree, perfect for hanging a piñata. So the little 4-year-old girl was swinging a
    stick longer than she was tall, and knocked grampa out cold.

  4. good old pinhatas – sorry Carlos, in Portuguese we spell it that way. 😉
    They’re more responsible for “revenge acts” by kids on adults than anything else this side of an armoured missile carier!

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