My Knee…


I’ve had a dodgy knee for the last couple of years. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m always harping on about it. During the last six months it’s degenerated quite a bit, so I finally went off to see the surgeon to get an expert opinion. To get technical for a moment, it seems I have a buggered cartilage.

There is a lot more damage than I anticipated. I guess it’s degenerated over the last two years. Of course, I’m now having waves of regret and constantly telling myself, “You should have gone and seen him sooner, then the damage wouldn’t have been so bad!”

I should find out today when I’m going in for the operation. It should definitely be within 2 weeks, and may be within a couple of days. It’s only keyhole surgery, but I have to have a general anesthetic, which I’m not happy about. So after the operation I will have to be mega-careful with it for a few days, and can’t drive a car for 5 days. Provided I do as I’m told, I should be back to 90-95% within about 6 weeks, and that is about all I can hope for. Quite a large section of my cartilage is going to disappear, so I’m quite nervous about the longterm effects. The plan is I should be walking fine for Christmas though…

I’m going to shut up now because the more I think about it the more nervous and annoyed I get. I was sure I was indestructible! 🙂



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7 thoughts on “My Knee…”

  1. Tim,

    All the best with the surgery, shame you already read all of the Anne Rice books, now you’ll need to find something else to read while you’re convalescing.

    Remember…no dancing around the tree at christmas!

  2. Looking on the bright side, in the old days you would have been up to your hips in plaster for months. I remember my Dad having football-related cartilage problems and he hated being out of action for so long.

    Hopefully you’ll feel much better afterwards, too!

  3. Indestructible? Is that like “unbreakable”? 🙂

    Best thing I remember from my two ops so far is falling asleep in 6 secs flat:
    it never happens in real life…
    Enjoy the ZZZZ’s, Tim. And hope it all gets in shape for you soon. Got a left knee with a similar problem but I’m too scared to go back to the op room.

  4. In case you need some light reading check out how to survive a robot uprising.

    My knees have been getting little more dodgy over the past year or so. I’m guessing I am paying the price of too much cycling, and perhaps getting hit head on by an SUV while on a bicycle. I should do something, but if i wait, then the robot doctors will bring me back to 150%!!!! ; )

  5. John: I’m going to work from home so I won’t have time to read… Honest.

    Doug: Bright side noted!

    Noons: One of the guys here told me I would loose some weight from the general. It might get the OpenWorld lard off my waste.

    Gandolf989: Why didn’t I think of that? By the way, your URL had a “.” on the end which stopped it from working. I’ve taken the liberty of removing the offending “.”.



  6. Hi sir,
    Wish you all the best and a very speedy recovery.We want you back with full force so please do take care of yourself good.Hope and wish,operation would go absolutely fine.
    With best wishes and regards

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