About a month ago I went to a cashpoint (ATM machine) to get out £50. Two days later I seemed to be missing £50 from my wallet and couldn’t figure out where the money had gone. After some thought, I realized the only explanation was that either I had left the money in the machine, or dropped it before putting it my wallet. I phoned the bank, who requested an audit from the company who managed the cashpoint.

It turns out I had left the cash in the machine, and after 30 seconds it had been sucked back and placed in the purge tray. So I’ve had £50 credited to my account. Cool!

Just got a tax bill, a national insurance bill, I’ve got to get my car taxed and serviced and Christmas is very close, but I don’t care because I got my £50 back! 🙂



PS. The knee is doing good. I think I might go back to work next week…

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  1. Now there’s a piece of luck!

    I’ve noticed that a lot of ATM’s here don’t give you back your card until you’ve finished your transaction. I wonder if that is to reduce the number of these incidents? I wonder whether it leads to a lot of cards being left behind instead? I wonder why ATM’s at drive-throughs have braille keys on them?

  2. That was a stroke of luck as the fellow next up on the ATM could have thought “Cool…Christmas bonus”. Would be nice to know what the time period was for the ATM to take back the money and card left. Same thing happened to a colleague of mine when he to his ATM and left his car running with his kid in the car. The car started rolling down the road and the poor chap had to leave the ATM with the money and card to chase after the car. Thankfully everyone involved was okay with minimal damage to the car but the ATM took the money and card back.

    Good to hear that the knee is mending well.

    David, braille keys are probably standard for the ATM and it is probably too expensive to do a special run w/o braille than to leave them on…but Tim’s idea of them preparing for the future is possible too. 😀

  3. “…but Tim’s idea of them preparing for the future is possible too.”

    We’ll all be driving hover-cars and paying for everything using our cell phones by then, of course.

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