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In some recent posts I wrote about my troubles with using VMware Server with Windows Vista as a host operating system. After some abortive efforts I gave up and bought Parallels instead. Howard Rogers had mentioned he’d used Parallels on Vista with no problems, so I thought it was a safe bet. Sure enough, it seemed to work fine.

I’ve been having an assortment of networking issues with Vista, one of which is my virtual machines can’t get to the internet when I’m using a bridged connection in Parallels. Out of frustration I reinstalled VMware Server for one more go and it worked!

I have no idea why it didn’t work originally, and as a result I have no idea why it has now decided to work. This is quite cool because now I can use some existing virtual machines on may NAS… If only I were able to connect to my NAS from Vista…

So now I have two options when I want a virtual machine, unless I want a Vista guest operating system, in which case I would have to use Parallels… Probably…



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  1. Odd, because I’ve never had a problem getting out from a VM to the network: all my Windows 2000, XP and Centos VMs are fully patched, courtesy of a broadband interconnection provided by a laptop elsewhere on my (physical) network… Most mysterious.

    Incidentally, the business of turning off UAC: secpol.msc (start->run->type ‘secpol.msc’). Local Security Policy. Down the bottom. Adjusting the settings still causes the red shield to appear, but you can right-click/properties and tell it not to display.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the tip. I don’t know what is going on with my networking. I’ve tried both Ethernet and wireless, both with the same results. šŸ™‚



  3. so Tim, are you saying that VMWare is now certified on Vista? I’m holding off my upgrade from XP to Vista just because of this. Can you shed some light on this?


  4. No. I’m saying I use VMware Server on Vista. I have no idea about its certification.

    It’s not without problems though, so upgrade at your own risk.



  5. Hi!

    Did you have problem with the CD/DVD when installing VMware server on Vista?
    I just installed it, and now Vista doesnā€™t recognize the CDs and DVDs I put in the computer: it thinks they are Writable disksā€¦

  6. I take it, then, that using Vista to run a VMServer host (upon which to run an XP Pro VM) is not generally considered a ‘good idea’?

    I’ve tried this evening – to no avail – including having to spend a number of ours dredging the Registry to rip out all the keys, etc, because Vista didn’t allow (absolutely refused – point blank) certain processes to run… Necessitating a re-boot prior to kill-off the installer; before, unfortunately, it had had the chance to complete – rendering the system un-installer-less…

    Any ideas?

  7. Hi.

    I have Vista on my laptop and I use VMware Server to run Linux and Windows XP guests. It works fine and I use if for all my demos when I’m teaching.

    VMware Server definitely runs better when using Linux or Windows XP as the host, but it does work on Vista.



  8. Hi Tim

    I am installing VMware Server on my Vista laptop.
    To Run linux and install RAC thereafter.
    Could give me the exact version of Vmware server,linux and Oracle to be installed.
    Note: I am following your link for installing the same from Oracle-base.


  9. I installed VMWARE Server 2.0.1 on Windows Vista Home as host. It installs fines. Created a VM.
    When I click the console tab the following message appears:
    “The VMware Remote Console Plug-in is not installed or could not be found.
    Please install the VMware Remote Console Plug-in to access this virtual machine’s console.
    Install plug-in
    Click here for installation instructions”

    After a click on “install plug-in” nothing happens, using safari. With IE8 donĀ“t even get the web Acces page.

    Please your help.

  10. Hi.

    It was working fine for me on Vista using Firefox. I was doing all my demos using a Vista laptop and VMware Server.

    Currently I’m using OSX and Virtual Box for my laptop and CentOS and VMware Server for my main desktop machine. Both work fine.



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