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WordPress 2.1.2 is out. It fixes a big security flaw. Upgrade now!

On Saturday I went on my first Karate course since the knee operation. It consisted of a 1.5 hour session, an hour break, then a 2 hour session. I wasn’t exactly a superstar, but I survived and the knee is still intact. Onwards and upwards.

Kevin Closson’s blog post on Quad-Cores and Oracle licensing is thought provoking, especially the line, “could it be that SE will start to be the preferred multi-core edition?” I’m sure there are plenty of people out there using Enterprise Edition when they could get by with Standard Edition. Perhaps this will swing the decision in the short term. Only time will tell.

Windows Vista is still making people say WOW for the wrong reasons (Falling into the Vista trap). Of course, Slashdot readers have the sort of unbiased reaction you would expect to this article. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “WordPress, Karate and other stuff…”

  1. Hi,

    Yes, Enterprise Edition does have lots of the extras, however the reality is that you do not always need it.
    I use Standard Edition & named user plus and I am happy that I have a very fast application compared to other solutions.


  2. Yes, IME SE can be just about good enough. But care should be exercised in how and what version of it is installed.

    SE for 8i and 9i were just about useless: a lot of essentials for any reasonable sized database were simply not there. It’s only with 10g that SE becomes usable with RMAN and a few other goodies included, IIRC.

    I wonder if the “TCO zealots” are factoring in the cost of h/w and s/w upgrades necessary to run Vista… because if they are, the story is definitely not good. An OS by itself is useless, even more so when it breaks just about every other app one uses. Regardless of how much “wow” polish has been added.

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