I went to see 300 at the cinema last night. There are lots of good things about the film, but when you sum it all up my overall opinion was it was a bit lame.

  • The visuals are very stylised, like Sin City, which at times makes for very iconic scenes, but most of the time leaves you wondering why the whole film looks like a sepia photograph.
  • The dialog is a little predictable, and delivered in a rather over the top way. I guess a lot of this was due to direction, rather than bad acting, but the final result is the same.
  • The spartan soldiers looked like they had just come off the set of a Calvin Klein advert. More homo-erotic than fearsome fighting machines.

Overall, it seemed like a mix of Lord of the Rings, Troy, Sin City and Calvin Klein. Not exactly a winning combination in my book.

There were six of us at the cinema, and two fell asleep. Kind-of says it all.



PS. The trailer looks great! :)

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