Undisputed II: Last Man Standing


I saw Undisputed II: Last Man Standing on DVD last night. Michael Jai White plays an ex-champion boxer who is in Russia filming a commercial. He’s framed and sent to prison for the sole purpose of forcing him to fight in a prison style Ultimate Fighter Competition (UFC). It’s a pretty derivative plot, but it was quite enjoyable.

Michael Jai White seems to get bigger every time I seem him. He was pretty big in Universal Soldier: The Return, but in this film he looks like he might have overdosed on the steriod pies. He still seems quick with his hands, and I know he’s very flexible, but in this film he does very little fighting with his legs.

The most impressive thing for me was the villain, played by Scott Adkins. Like MJW, Scott is very muscular guys, but he can so some amazing stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big guy move so well. He looks fast, flexible and extremely agile. It would be interesting to see some more of him. He’s in the next Bourne film, The Bourne Ultimatum, so that should make interesting viewing.



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