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I don’t know who starred in this film, or what happened because the camera never stopped shaking long enough for me to focus on anything. 🙂

Seriously though, The Bourne Ultimatum is a cool film. Like the previous films, it’s gritty and ugly and feels kind-of real, in as much as a Hollywood assassin film can. I thought the rough camera work worked really well on the first two films. It was quite over the top on this film, but even this didn’t spoil it for me.

I think this franchise has run its course, because I can’t see where else they can take it, but if they do make any more I will definitely see them.



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  1. I liked Die Hard. It is a bit predictable, kind of glosses over any deep story or characterization, but of course, you can guess what you are getting into going to this sort of movie. A couple of silly computer jokes, but Kevin Smith is a scene stealer as the ultimate geek. Check out his blog, it’s entertaining too, not work-friendly. google “Kevin Smith” “live free or die hard”

    Looking forward to the ultimatum, I hope it lasts long enough in theatres for me to see it.

  2. Thought it was good, for the most part. Not as good as the second bourne, but I’m a little agitated over the star wars part at the end, it was like episode 3, your no longer david web, you shall be known as jason bourne, with the dark master of all the secrets and lies. And a got a little tell tell, with the asset letting him go, and the gracious set up for bourne 4.


    The first one was brilliant but this one sucked big time. It looked like the guy who filmed it had Parkinson disease.

    Imagine if every soldier had an opinion and had to emotionally rationalise if what they are doing is right or wrong. An army divided against itself would fail big time. This is what is happening to America right now. They are being poisoned from within.


    I respect everyone’s opinion, but if I hear one more person complaining about the shaky camera thing, I’m going to scream. I honestly thought the camera work was positively dynamite. I never felt so much a part of the action as I did in this film. As for the film itself, I rank it as my very favorite of the decade. I cannot believe anybody would call it ‘crap.’ Paul Greengrass is a genius. I never knew I could get such a rush from sitting in a movie theater. Amazing film.

  5. Aren’t they always?

    The book doesn’t shake in your hands while you read it, so it’s not so exciting. 🙂



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