Rambo… (Fourth Blood?)


I went to see Rambo last night. It’s very gorey with loads of blood, death and dismemberment. Not really my bag.



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3 thoughts on “Rambo… (Fourth Blood?)”

  1. haven’t seen it yet and I think I’m going to pass…

    10000BC is kinda unusual. Predictable in places and they got the
    timeline wrong – the pyramids were not built in 10000BC
    but instead around 2700BC, with the sphinx sccording to
    some dating from 3000BC – a looong jump from 10000!
    But still entertaining and quite different from the usual
    historical movies. And the plot has a couple of twists
    that make it interesting, although the acting and the
    make-up needs reviewing!

  2. Um…what exactly were you expecting?

    Anything that highlights human right abuses and atrocities in Burma and gets itself banned in the process over there has got to be *good* thing surely.

  3. Hi Harry.

    I loved First Blood. The next two kinda passed me bye, but I really fancied it. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, just not really my scene.



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