Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) Enhancements in 11g…


More OCP revision notes. This time an overview of ASM enhancements…



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3 thoughts on “Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) Enhancements in 11g…”

  1. ASM is something I have really taken a interest in lately. I really like what I have read to so far.

    Does anyone know of any potential issues using ASM with Hitachi? One of our UNIX admins mentioned that a contact said ASM on Hitachi could have potential performance issues.

    I hope not, because I am really hoping that ASM will be a possibility for us to use with our new storage system.

    Interesting as well that 12g is not going to support RAW devices any more. Is this Oracle’s attempt to push more ASM?


  2. Hi.

    I guess the best thing to do is contact your vendor and ask them. I’m sure they will have whitepapers on using Oracle with their storage systems.

    I don’t think the loss of raw devices is that big a deal these days. OCFS2 is quite mature now and people are increasingly using ASM anyway. Added to that, Oracle have invested time and effort improving NFS performance with the Direct NFS Client. I certainly wouldn’t use RAW devices out of preference.

    The only time RAW devices were of interest was when you wanted to use ASM, which couldn’t hold the OCR config and voting disk because they couldn’t be stored in ASM. In 12g this will be possible, so RAW devices are essentially redundent anyway… šŸ™‚



  3. Hi Tim,

    Appreciate the info. I will ask my vendor about that. I look forward to using ASM. I like everything I have seen so far.



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