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One of the good things about being off work is you get to go to the cinema during the day when it is practically empty and only costs £3.45 to see a film. I didn’t really fancy Bangkok Dangerous, mostly because of Nicolas Cage. I read a review of a film of his some years back that said, Nicolas Cage doesn’t act, he performs. I liked some of his earlier stuff, but on the whole he gets on my nerves.

As it was, it wasn’t a bad film. Nicolas Cage was OK, except for his terrible hair which needs shaving off big style. The film was not really action packed, but it had enought going on to keep me interested. It’s no RocknRolla, but is was worth £3.45. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Bangkok Dangerous…”

  1. I make a point of avoiding Cage films. Your right he doesn’t/can’t act. His playing of bad guys is just laughable. I finally got dragged kicking and screaming to the National Treasure sequel by my kids a while back ..

  2. I thought he was good in Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas. Looking at his filmography, there’s several I’ve wanted to see and haven’t got to yet.

    Point taken about National Treasure 🙂

    I’ve worked at a couple of places where programmers would ditch to the movies. The classic was Tron, giant glitzy Century City theater with us in the middle and a group apparently from TRW way down in front, laughing about the I/O tower. And no one else there.

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