Just landed in Auckland…


Just landed in Auckland. I left San Francisco 13 hours ago and it was 08:00 on Friday. It’s now 05:00 on Sunday. It’s something like 21 hours different, plus I flew overnight, plus the clocks just switched to summer time here. It’s like someone is trying, very successfully, to mess with my mind.

I’m going to be in the airport for 7+ hours waiting for for my flight to Perth. I was hoping to crash at a mates house while I waited, but he’s away for the weekend… 🙁

The lack of sleep, the planes and this pesky cold have all combined to leave me feeling like I’m on a ship. I can feel myself physically swaying. In a few hours I expect I’ll be blogging about being found sleeping in a toilet or something similar. I just hope I’ve got my clothes on. 🙂

That reminds me, someone fainted on the flight over here. She was walking along and just went out cold. Flat out on the floor for a couple of minutes. They brought an oxygen mask and everything. A few minutes later she was up and back at her seat. Falling over in a plane is bad karma. There are so many things to hit your head on!

Anyway, I’ve got to get some food and find a quiet toilet to sleep in… 🙂



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