OpenWorld 2008 Summary…


This is the 3rd OpenWorld I’ve attended and I think it was probably the most enjoyable for me so far.

The first year I was more than a little overwhelmed and intimidated by everything. The scale of the event is hard to imagine and being surrounded by people who are at the top of their game is quite daunting. I wouldn’t say I was suffering from hero worship, but I did get the odd “we are not worthy” moment.

The second year I had a bit of a “been there, done that” attitude and I don’t think I really appreciated it as much as I should have done.

This year I think I found my groove and relaxed into things. It’s really cool to reconnect with people from previous years and meet new people.

Massive thanks to Victoria Lira and Lillian Buziak who I bugged incessantly about my travel arrangements for this trip. You are both worth your weight in gold. Big thanks to Justin Kestelyn and the OTN crew for making sure everything ran smoothly.



PS. Doug, perhaps next year you will be 3rd on the list…

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6 thoughts on “OpenWorld 2008 Summary…”

  1. Pick a number, treble it, subtract the 17th prime number and then we might be close. If there were such a list, of course …

    I think if there is, I’m sure that web traffic volumes would be a useful measure, or having a little crown on your jacket, or teaching ‘Celebrity Masterclasses’ or having Oracle pay all your travel expenses …. They must think you’re extremely high on the list!

    Glad to hear your trip is progressing although it does sound like a nightmare.

    Anyway, some of us have beds to go to! LOL

  2. Still, at least that long trip gives you time to ponder how cool Exadata Storage Servers are.

    No, I’d really better stop. It’s not fair to wind up a guy stuck in an airport ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Doug: You should know by now, the more you try and defend yourself the more guilty you look. You know your favorite song is a recent Nickleback single… ๐Ÿ™‚



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