Tropic Thunder, Kungfu Panda and Deja Vu…


It’s difficult to understand how Tropic Thunder could possible become any more politically incorrect.

Ben Stiller plays a fading action star that tries to kickstart his serious acting career by playing “Simple Jack”, only to fail because he goes “full retard and you should never go full retard!”

Robert Downey Jr. plays an oscar winning method actor who undergoes a controversial skin pigmentation to play a black man in the film. Things go from bad to worse when he can’t get out of character.

Jack Black is an actor/junkie/bad boy in a franchise of films based totally around farting for laughs.

Brandon T. Jackson plays “Alpa Chino”, a rapper turned actor who endorses an energy drink called “Booty Sweat” and energy bars called “Busta Nut”.

You can’t imagine how painful it is watching Robert Downey Jr. “in character” talking to Brandon T. Jackson. It’s all so very wrong, which is why it works so well.

If you are easily offended stay well clear…

I watched Tropic Thunder in SF, but I’ve also seen a bunch of films on the plane, but I’m struggling to remember what… The hours kinda merge. I know I saw Kung Fu Panda, which was pretty cool. I also saw Deja Vu, which is a couple of years old, but it was quite good. I’ve seen at least two more, but I really can’t remember…

I’m sure this airport is built on a floating platform and the sea is really rough. I’m going to lie down on the floor again. Everything stops shaking then. The cleaners keep looking at me like I’m a tramp. You gotta laugh… 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Tropic Thunder, Kungfu Panda and Deja Vu…”

  1. “The cleaners keep looking at me like I’m a tramp.”

    Well stick your Ace Director’s jacket on, for heaven’s sake, then they’ll *know* they’re dealing with someone special.

    Who has nowhere to sleep 😉

  2. Funny thing is, I’ve got a black Oracle ACE fleece thing on. Do you think I might be defrocked for bringing the program into disrepute by acting like a bag lady while on “duty”… 🙂



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