Magic Pixies…


I just checked the time in San Francisco and I understand why I’m on the verge of seeing Magic Pixies. It’s about 36 hours since I last slept. I’m about to board a flight that will take 7 hours and 45 minutes and get me to Perth at about 17:00. I really hope I pass out on the plane. I don’t care if I snore or dribble. I just checked out the symtoms of sleep deprevation. I’m so there dude!

Next stop visions of flames and voices in my head. I just hope the voice don’t try and persuade me to eat any animal prducts… 🙂



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One thought on “Magic Pixies…”

  1. Magic Pixies? Haven’t they got a new C.D. out? Stay away from the mushroom risotto! Don’t forget the message to us when you are in N.Z.

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