BGOUG Day -1


I’m now in the hotel in Sofia, the day before the Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) Spring conference.

The flight from Birmingham to Dusseldorf took a little over an hour and ended with the smoothest landing I think I’ve ever experienced. Makes a change from the sort of the landings I’ve experienced recently, most of which felt like marginally controlled crashes. 🙂

The flight from Dusseldorf to Sofia was smooth until just before the landing. The plane started to rock just as we were going to touch down and I thought it was going to get messy, but the pilot pulled it out of the bag and it was a pretty good landing again. Two flights in a row with no problems. Looks like the trip home is going to be a nightmare to make up for it. 🙂

First impressions of Sofia are very good. The city looks very green from overhead, with lots of trees and parks. There are also some big and interesting looking buildings. I had just under 2 hours to take a look round before I had to get back to the hotel so I did a very quick pass of the city centre. I got some photos which I will post later if they look OK.

The city is swarming with police as there is a big energy summit on at the moment. Makes you feel extremely safe seeing lots of the police around. 🙂

I got a numpty tourist injury already. I was walking along looking at some building and didn’t notice the curb. I tripped and twisted my left ankle. Hopefully it amused the locals. 🙂

Off out for some food now…



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3 thoughts on “BGOUG Day -1”

  1. Hi Tim, how on Earth do you manage to get travel insurance? Every time you leave the house you get injured/fall ill!!

    Good luck with the search for veggie food… 🙂

  2. Dear Tim,

    Please take care as you have a world tour and need to be well. I pray for your health as it requires incredible stamina for the world tour. As for me, I am finishing book #3 and have new deal for 11g RAC book in the works. Always the writer, I am.

    Ben Prusinski

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