I got a message from John  Duncan the day before yesterday telling me I had goofed up with my FTP package. Turns out I had uploaded the correct package body, but still had the old package spec. I tried to correct this 5 minutes before we went out the restaurant and managed to lose every copy of the package spec. I frantically tryed to recreate it, but had to leave with that half done. 🙁

We went out the a traditional Bulgarian restaurant and stayed until a little after midnight. When I got back to the hotel I spent about an hour sorting out the FTP package and I think it’s now back in working order. There are two morals to this story:

  1. Don’t make changes to the website the day before you leave the country.
  2. Don’t try and fix stuff on the fly when you only have 5 minutes. It’s gonna end in tears. 🙂

So I guess I went to bed at about 01:00, which meant I felt pretty rough all day yesterday. We had an early start because we had to drive about 200 kilometres to the conference. My first presentation was after lunch. I think it went OK, but I still need to speak a little slower. 🙂

In the evening we had some food in the hotel restaurant, then the lights were dimmed and a DJ played a combination of traditional Bulgarian music and modern tracks. Lots of people got up to dance, but I was firmly planted to my seat. Eventually I was persauded to join in with a traditional dance, which was fun, if a little embaressing. Just as I thought I was getting the hang of it the music started to speed up, then I was lost again. A number of people said I did OK, but I think they were just being charitable. 🙂

So day 1 of the conference went well. It was a long day, but it was good fun.



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One thought on “BGOUG Day 1”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Sounds like fun albeit busy week for you in Bulgaria. Need to have my friend Guenadi Jilevski get involved with BGOUG as he now is in Bulgaria and a fellow Oracle pro as well. I agree- never change stuff on the fly at last minute. I did this and corrupted my test VMWare images for R12 EBS and OAS. Oh hell, now I can re-install with latest versions for OAS 10gR3 (Weblogic and OAS) and image this on my laptop instead of the external drive.


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