Traveling is never easy… for me…


This morning I’m traveling to Perth, Australia for the start of the AUSOUG Conference Series. The thought of 19 hours in a plane is not exactly thrilling, especially after the turbulence during my last flight, but I can manage that sort of stress, just about.

In an attempt to be efficient I completed the online check-in and all looked good. Then the taxi was 20 minutes late (stress +1). I got to the airport and dropped of my bag and went to security, where I was turned away because of a duplicate seat allocation (stress +1). I went back to the check-in desk, where they found no such problem, but printed new tickets for me. I got through security the second time, then was told the plane was delayed by about 30 minutes, which has now become 40 minutes and counting. So I’ve got about 9 hours until I know if I will make my connection (stress +lots).

This international travel is a pain in the <insert word of your choice>!



Update: The seat was double booked, despite what the check-in desk said. Luckily there were spaces on the plane. I guess it makes sense to board early because it seems like the person sitting down is the person in control.

I made it on to the second leg OK. I was between a couple, so I got to snag an aisle seat which was lucky.

So I’m here in Perth…

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5 thoughts on “Traveling is never easy… for me…”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Ouch! Yeah, travel is ONE thing that I no longer miss since starting a long term position. It is nice to have a short 7 mile commute to the office that takes only 15 minutes instead of the long hours spent in airports and long flights in the past.


  2. Connor: So I expect to see you at UKOUG then. It’s only round the corner! 🙂

    But you will – year after year!

    … and with a lot less whining 😉

  3. After 12 round-world trips and two very close calls – one in in the US, the other Australian – back in the 80s and early 90s, decided to call it quits.
    Only in emergencies, otherwise I just don’t fly.
    Too close for comfort, literally:
    I am incredibly claustrophobic and the sardine can interior of most coach classes nowadays just drives me crazy…

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