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Just got back from watching Clash of the Titans. I found it a little dull really. Obviously all the effects are amazing compared the the 1981 version, but I don’t think it really added anything or took the film anywhere different. Just the same old thing, but revamped to bring it up to date.

I was skeptical of the whole 3D thing when I went to see Avatar. I’m even more skeptical now. Using 3D for CotT is a complete waste of time in my opinion. Save your money and see it in 2D. There is just not enough in it to warrant the extra cash. I know Hollywood are pinning their hopes on 3D to boost cinema audiences and reduce piracy, but if I never see another 3D film it won’t bother me. It adds so little and you have to wear the stupid glasses, which are a pain. It’s nice for a one-off like Avatar, but that’s it as far as I’m concerned. I’ve done 3D. Time to move on.



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  1. Please don’t give up on 3D after watching CoTT. It’s not “real” 3D but just a post-production processing job. Something like Avatar, which was shot in 3D, or our How To Train Your Dragon, which was conceived and rendered in 3D from the beginning, truly show off the spectacle of 3D filmmaking.

    Strange, I know, for a DBA to weigh in on something like this, but having the benefit of getting to work with the filmmaker does actually lead to learning how to appreciate such things. – Tom

  2. Hi.

    Even in Avatar, I see 3D as a tiny addition to the overall experience. Maybe 5%. Sure, some scenes looks cool, but many action shots were worse because of it. The foreground/background blurring is terrible.

    I just don’t think what it adds to the film is worth all the fuss.

    Each to their own though. 🙂



  3. I saw Clash of the Titans and agree- its ok but not great. In fact, I liked the original 1981 film a lot better- the acting in the remake was weak and not as clever as the original.

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