Don’t be a dumb-ass…


Here’s a comment I got today.

“Hey, you should inform that kill -9 spid terminate all oracle process and shut it down .. because of you i’m on trouble !! .. so i’m not going to say thanks to you ..”

So it’s my fault that somebody did something dumb. I’ve added a “Don’t be a dumb-ass!” warning now, but really… Read the disclaimer and don’t blame me because you can’t be bothered to read the documentation…



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3 thoughts on “Don’t be a dumb-ass…”

  1. I had to use it once.

    A colleague and I were in charge of a data migration project. I’d written a script to start the whole process: this script would cd in turn to each of the sub-directories of the current directory to start a script there with the same name… in parallel.

    Now you can imagine what went wrong 🙂 The cd command didn’t work correctly and the script ended up invoking 4 copies of itself.

    To top it off, I had started this script as the unix user oracle.

    It gets worse.

    I was logged in via 2 modems, as was my colleague, and this was late in the evening and we were both between 30mins and an hour’s drive away from the location. Not that that would have made any difference as everything would’ve been shut anyway.

    Eventually I was able to login and issue a ‘kill -9 -1’.
    The machine recovered almost immediately.
    The oracle database recovered too.

    We were back up and running maybe 30mins later.




  2. You may know I am not technical, but even I knew kill -9 is pretty leathal. Perhaps I should blog commands

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