The Wolfman and How to Train Your Dragon…


One of the few advantages of flying long distances is you get to catch up on films you didn’t get round to seeing at the cinema. I caught these two today:

The Wolfman – It’s an OK werewolf film. Not great, but not terrible.

How to Train Your Dragon – This is a great film. It’s a kids animation and I’d heard from a couple of grown-up-kids that it was good, but I really couldn’t be bothered to watch it at the cinema. I really enjoyed it and kinda wished I’d gone to see it at the cinema.



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2 thoughts on “The Wolfman and How to Train Your Dragon…”

  1. Only problem with a lot of kids films nowadays (besides Pixar) is that you can tell all the execs sat around a table and said:

    1) Subtle references to adult themes…check!
    2) Father and son bonding…..check!
    3) Win against the odds…..check!

    OK, our story is ready to go

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