ODTUG: Day 5…


Day 5

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. The timetable for the day was also pretty daunting. Most of the sessions were half-day, which at this late stage of the conference makes me wanna run off screaming.

I chose to go with “Data Warehouse Performance Best Practices – Parts I – III” by Maria Colgan and Jean-Pierre Dijcks, both contributors to the Data Warehouse Insiders Blog. Much of the information from this presentation is already available from the blog, and some variations of the information from these webinars, so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it.

Most of my work has been on OLTP systems so I’m always eager to know where theory and practice diverge as far as DW are concerned. For me this presentation had a really good mix in that respect. It was very easy to listen too, sparked a lot of questions and gave people some compelling reasons to consider 11gR2. All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend 3 hours.

Next stop the airport. 🙁



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