More Copyright Theft…

Thanks to Don Burleson for pointing me at this article by Timur Akhmadeev that lists a whole bunch of articles that have been stolen by Guenadi N Jilevski.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Just looking at the stuff he’s stolen from me, there are three types ripoff:

1) Complete Copies.

2) Articles where the bulk of the copy is stolen word for word, with a couple of sections added and different screen grabs, which at first glance would make it seem original. Make no mistake, this is still stolen.

3) Articles that, although they are not direct copies, have very similar names, order of content and are published very soon after my articles were released. A quick scan through makes it pretty obvious that they are copies that are trying hard not be be copies. The sort of schoolboy tricks teachers spot a mile off. Since these are pale imitations of the originals it’s hardly worth bothering about.

Fortunately, (and most other services/ISPs) have very clear guidelines on this matter, see ““, so I’m expecting a speedy resolution. I’ve posted comments on the offending posts asking for them to be removed. If they are not I will contact Automattic directly to get them removed. I’m guessing if everyone concerned does the same the blog will be pretty empty very soon.

I think it’s strange that in an industry that relies so heavily on trust and intellectual property a person would think nothing of stealing someone elses work. You might as well put a tag line on your blog reading, “Don’t hire me. I’m gonna steal everything I can from you!”




  1. I was advised to break the links to his content to avoid giving him extra publicity. πŸ™‚
  2. It seems trust is not a big deal these days:
  3. Looks like this issue is mostly resolved from my perspective. See here.
  4. I found another bunch of stolen stuff:

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12 thoughts on “More Copyright Theft…”

  1. Tim,

    I also had a blog comment informing me that this guy has copied full article from my blog without giving a link.

    Do let me know if you want me to also complaint against it. As of now I have too commented to remove the entry.


  2. If this guy stole your content in his blog, I wonder how much content he did stole to write his book !

    Your post is a serious treat to his blog, one may prefer tarring and feathering πŸ˜‰

  3. Amit: This is not a “call to arms” πŸ™‚ If you want to take action it’s pretty simple to follow the guidelines set out in that link I posted.

    Laurent: It calls into question everything the guy has ever published. I feel sorry for his publisher, collaborators and employer, whose reputations can be affected by these sort of actions. I would never employ him, or a company that employs him.



  4. Hello Dr. Hall,

    If you had provided a picture of you on the john I would have put it in the Data Guard post. Anyway, your valuable prose would still be there to guide in the cobweb of darkness as it still is your work.



  5. I think you have missed the point. If I take Tom Kytes latest book, scan it and publish it on Lulu under my own name with a credit on the first page saying, “Thanks Tom for your work.” would you consider that fair?

    The point is, my article is available for everyone to read and use on my website. You are free to write your own on the same subject. You are not free to copy my article and change the screen grabs and call it your own.

    You are also free to post a link to my article, then write a, “these are the things that are wrong or missing from Tim’s article”, if you feel the need. People may find that useful. It is the wholescale copyinh of copyright content that is the issue.

    Fair use policy and derivative works policy are covered specifically in the DMCA rules.



  6. Hi Tim,
    copying a blog is one thing, copying software and books is about the same. As a book author, you could be a millionaire if you got the regular fee for every pirated copy of the books you wrote.

    Too bad that this is not the case so we still have to buy our boats at . They are really fun to have in bath.

    Point is that some of us put a lot of energy and expensive – private – time in those articles and books. Some others use their time to make quick copies of it and even make money out of that.

    The effect could very well be that no one is going to take the time to make those useful publications any more, leaving the community in the cold. Original content with original views and opinions are important to have, assuming that they are correct.


  7. Very sad state of affairs πŸ™

    But Tim you are getting experienced with this. I think it happened earlier also. You may write a book on blog copyright laws πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi Tim,

    >> scan it and publish it on Lulu under my own name

    I had that happen to me!

    Some Australian fellow copy-pasted my entire book and re-published it with Lulu in his own name, and put his own Copyright on it!

    I think that all publishers should be required to check for plagiarism before they print a book!

    Lulu is a very irresponsible publisher. . . .

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