New Zealand Earthquake…


I got a call from one of my mates in New Zealand last night to tell me about the earthquake in Christchurch. He’s a JAFA (Just Another F*ckin’ Aucklander 🙂 ), but we know some people down in Christchurch so it was a bit of a concern. Luckily everyone is OK.

I saw some reports on the news this morning showing some of the damage it caused. It looks pretty grim, especially since Christchurch had such a nice looking city center before. It was a level 7.1 quake, but fortunately it happened in the night after everyone had left the central business district, so there were no fatalities.

I guess rebuilding will start now. Good luck to everyone dealing with the aftermath.



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2 thoughts on “New Zealand Earthquake…”

  1. I have a usergroup friend in Christchurch. She has posted on facebook that although her home is damaged everyone is OK.

    We become immune to disasters and earthquakes are very common or so it seems, but when it affects someone or somewhere you know you take more notice.

    The earthquake in NZ seems so much worse because it is a realitively well off country and yet haiti has still to recover.

    Thinking of everyone in NZ and hope everything will soon be back to normal.

  2. Hi.

    I know what you mean. When I was writing the post I was thinking of the floods in Pakistan, which are a much bigger disaster in terms of total people affected, but as you say, it hits home more when people you know are involved.



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