OpenWorld 2010: ACE Director’s Meeting – Day 2


Day 2 was full of stuff I can’t speak about again, so I’ll keep this brief. The highlight for me was Wim Coekaerts speaking about Linux and Virtualization. I love listening to Wim speak about technology. It feels like you are chatting with your mate about technology stuff. He’s a real low-temperature guy. There were a few people there who were hearing Wim speak for the first time who are now converts. Perhaps I should start a fanboy club… 🙂

I intended to go to bed early, but ended up chatting until after midnight.

The following day (Saturday) was an off day. I had oringinally intended to do some stuff with a couple of the guys, but was so tired I gassed out. I woke up in the morning, got some food and went back to bed. At about 18:00 I ventured out for some food again, then went straight back to bed. Amazingly, I managed to sleep all night as well.



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