I Shall Wear Midnight…


I Shall Wear Midnight is the most recent book in the Discworld series. It’s a continuation of the Tiffany Aching story line and like the other Young Adult books, doesn’t have such a densely packed story line. It was enjoyable, but didn’t rock my world.



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2 thoughts on “I Shall Wear Midnight…”

  1. Tim,
    First off, I hope you are enjoying open world. If you run in to Dan Norris, Chet Justice, Paul Vallee, Marc Fielding, or Michael Aldrich, tell them I said ‘hey’.

    Thanks for the reminder on this book coming out. i’m checking now to see if it is out stateside. My kids have been not to patiently awaiting the release of this book. (Looks like it is on order at the library).

    Second, thanks for the inspiration to start the Disc world series. I am on Wyrd Sisters at the moment. (I started the series from the beginning in June or so). I would say so far my favorite book as been Mort.

    Anyway, as always, love your oracle and non-oracle content.

  2. Hi.

    Glad you are enjoying them. Your favourite will change many times during the series.

    I like the YA books, but they are not as good as the regular books in my opinion. I guess that makes sense because I’m not the target market. 🙂



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