iOS 4.2 on my iPad…


I upgraded to the iOS 4.2 the other day (the evening it came out in the UK). Steve Jobs reckons, “iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product”. Maybe I don’t use it the same as everyone else in Apple-land, but it seems just… kinda… no freaking different…

I really don’t understand how I can remain completely immune to the Apple marketing hype when I’m desperately trying to be assimilated. I keep buying their products and waiting for a Jobsian flash of magic but it’s just not happening. What have I got to do to? Marry the guy?

Maybe it’s like enlightenment and the more you try the harder it is to reach. I shall meditate for a month with my iPad balanced on my head, my MacBook Pro on my lap and my iPod Shuffle up my ass. Maybe then I will understand all the heavenly glory that is Apple, or maybe I’ll just get a sore ass… 🙁



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3 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 on my iPad…”

  1. Yup, I recognize the symptoms. As an early adopter (and ditcher) of the MacSE30 back in the 90s, went through the whole of the Mac craze. All I could say at the end of it was a resounding “meh!”…

    Just got a Samsung R590 with 8GB/640GB, 15” screen, Core i5, webcam, Altec speakers, Windoze 7 64-bit, permanent charge usb slots. It’s gonna be the base for a lot of hands on testing with vm and multiple looneeks loads + Oracle + what have you. For under a grand.
    Same deal on equivalent Mac gear would have cost me more than twice that.
    No brainer.

    Daughter wanted a Macbook and got one in July. Broken, going for repair this weekend…

    Yes, the ipad looks cute and the wife will get one for Xmas. But that’s about as far as these things will get in our household.

    The Airport wi-fi hub is good and well priced, though.

  2. 😀 😀

    I too almost belong to the same school of thought. iPod is just a nice mp3 player. I was happy with iPhone 3gs until I saw an HTC andriod with one of my friend and used it a bit. Now i think iPhone is for idiots…the real geeky shit is Andriod 😉

    And did you realise how difficult it is becoming to remember these names ie iPot, iPat…oops iPod & iPad I meant 😛

  3. LOL

    Most of the Apple products are for those I believe who wants to be in that “posh class” (or just want to show the same) . I have used (actually borrow) Iphone3gs from my sister and play with the latest Macbook Pro which one of my friend owns and never got the feeling of “me too” using either of them 🙂 .

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