Where’s my money gone? (again)…


Followers of the blog will know before Christmas Oracle Norway randomly took a few thousand pounds off one my credit cards. The various accounting departments have been chasing their tails ever since and have only really proved they don’t know their arse from their elbow.

It’s now a month later and what do I see on my account but another payment to Oracle Norway. Sigh…

I’m on the phone now getting the transaction dealt with by the fraud department of the credit card company and getting the card cancelled. I guess I should have cancelled the card last time but I foolishly thought Oracle would be able to find out who and why my credit card was charged. It seems that is beyond their accounting system. Maybe Fusion Apps will allow you to track that information…



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7 thoughts on “Where’s my money gone? (again)…”

  1. There’s something weird when Oracle and Norway get together.

    A couple of years ago, I did 5 days work in Bergen. Some idiot in Oracle consulting notified his boss who notified his boss etc etc.

    So I then received a tax demand for a large sum of money. I was told to simply forward this to Oracle finance who would ‘take care of it’.

    Inevitably, they didn’t (unknown to me) and months later I received a red letter which I forwarded to Oracle finance with a snotty email. I got any apology and an assurance it had now been paid.

    Months later I got a court summons for the original amount plus interest.

    I now got quite cross and finally got the matter resolved and demanded to see the receipt/invoice to prove it.

    I then went back to sleep.

    Months later I received a refund cheque from the Norwegian tax authorities. I was told to cash this and transfer the same amount to Oracle. Which I did.

    Months later, I received a second refund cheque.


  2. John: I think the monthly payments are going to continue for an awful long time then. 🙂

    Andy C: Thanks for putting all my fears to rest… Not… 🙂



  3. “Maybe Fusion Apps will allow you to track that information…”

    haha tim, this sentence just made my day.

    and besides the fact they didnt took money from me (yet), everybody who works on a regular basis with oracle itself (not some partner) knows some stories like yours. sad but true.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Sorry to hear about your financial ordeals. Hopefully Oracle will send you a brand new Exalogic machine to use for a loaner once they rectify the situation.


  5. Hi Tim,

    Ramona has informed me of the problems that you are experiencing and I have escalated this to the EMEA Director of Credit and Collections for immediate resolution. My apologies for these unexplainable charges which never should have happened in the first place and we are pushing from our end to get you reimbursed as quickly as possible. You are a valued member of the Oracle University Celebrity Seminar Program and we hope to maintain the good working relationship with you. Ramona will keep you posted.

    Kind regards,
    Nicole Fornacon
    Marketing Director
    Oracle University

  6. Dear Mr. Hall,

    Your situation has been a priority for my team in the past few days and I currently have confirmation that you will be reimbursed today or tomorrow the latest. I would also want to add that we have taken all necessary measures to avoid such situations in the future.
    Please accept my apologies; I am honestly hoping that our partnership will continue in very good terms in the future as well.

    Best regards,
    Adrian Apostoleanu
    Director, EMEA Credit & Collections

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