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I can’t remember when or where I saw Gran Torino originally, but I remembered it being a great film. I was round a friends last night and I suggested we watch it. It really is a great piece of work. Some people have just got a gift and Clint Eastwood is one of them. I did a search through my blog today to see what my review said about it and I couldn’t find one. This leads me to believe I probably saw it on a plane and the review got lost in the confusion of the trip. Anyway, it’s a great film. Well worth checking it out.

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3 thoughts on “Gran Torino…”

  1. Yes indeed it is a great film. I have watched it 4-6 months back.

    I have almost seen all of Clint’s movies and some of my favourites are: Million Dollar Baby, The Bridges of Madison County. May be your next picks!

    Cheers, Neeraj

  2. Hi.

    I love Bridges of Madison County. What a great film. You forget Clint and Meryl are actors and totally believe what’s going on. Amazing.

    I struggle with Million Dollar Baby. It was a great film, but it’s just so sad. I would rather never watch it again, but it is another awesome piece of work.



  3. Yes, Million $ is sad at the end and even I don’t like that part. I would rather see the initial half, what a motivational part it is.

    🙂 Neeraj

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