Nokia signs its own death warrant?


I’m really not sure what to think about the collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft. Prior to my recent switch to HTC, I’ve always used Nokia phones, so I have a soft spot for the company, but this recent announcement has me in two minds.

My first reaction was this move is a complete disaster for Nokia and a big bonus for Microsoft. Nokia ships a serious amount of phones, so Microsoft will quickly get some impressive numbers, which is great for them, but what do Nokia get out of it? Currently it seems they get a mobile platform that nobody really wants or cares about.

My second reaction was maybe this is the right move for Nokia. Symbian has a lot of the market share at the moment, but it is going down hill very quickly. They need to make a move, but where to go? If they go Android they will be just another manufacturer in the mix. They would be better off than they are now, but could they dominate this market? If they go Windows they could mark themselves out as the dominant force in this market. The other offerings in this space look rather weak. As Windows Phone develops, with Nokia’s help, maybe this could be a very attractive market.

Of course, only time will tell, but I know one thing. As the mobile OS market currently stands, I won’t be buying a Nokia phone running Windows Phone.



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10 thoughts on “Nokia signs its own death warrant?”

  1. It is indeed a tough time for Nokia. The higher segment was screwed up by Apple & Andriod and the lower segment was almost done to death by the stuff getting supplied from China. Nokia has such a good share in the Indian market and now it is Chinese stuff everywhere. They are selling touch screen phones for as cheap as USD 100.

    Taking into account the whole scenario, Nokia seems to be in serious trouble. So they are just trying out the options available, which are not many 🙁 .

    BTW their products are awesome ! Signal reception is one of the most amazing things. This iPhone 4 having signal reception problems…man this company should be shut down. What the heck testing they did ? You are manufacturing a mobile phone but it cant receive proper signals. Bull$hit !!!

    Sorry for the emotional response…soft spot again, you know 🙂

  2. I approach this from a US perspective as I left the UK four years ago, so maybe things are different over in the motherland than they are here…

    But it seems to me, there are going to be, at most, four main players in the mobile OS market: iOS and Android are established, and there MIGHT be room for webOS and QNX due to how they’re getting integrated with the HP stack and how prevalent they are in the business world respectively.

    There simply isn’t room for a fifth or sixth. Microsoft missed the boat on this one. Maybe Nokia did too.

  3. My first (company) mobile was a Motorola, but since then I’ve had mostly Nokias. The ones that weren’t (Sony Ericsson and HTC Windows Mobile piece of rubbish) didn’t last very long, with the HTC being returned after just a week of use.

    I’m not buying another mobile with a Redmond OS, and even my current Symbian 60 model isn’t as stable as the older phones. Is this progress?

  4. This seems like a desperate effort. I recall Steve Jobs words when he launched first version of iPhone, “those who really love their software, should make their own hardware” . The trouble with Nokia is, they don’t have their own software. Yes Symbian is there but it’s like a stone-age old software compared to Android, iOS which are miles ahead from it and Nokia, somewhat foolishly, didn’t bother about it all. Yes, indeed their voice and signal quality is far better than both Apple and rest any other vendor but that’s not the only thing which now a days people are looking for when they see their friends, relatives using/boating about Apps and playing with them. M$$ is struggling to sell its desktop version of Windows, not sure how well they would do on mobile platforms where they already are a proven disaster.

    I guess, its suffice to say, RIP Nokia.


  5. >nokia might not survive in smartphones, but still in lot of asian countries people are happy using cheap nokia models.

    You are right but that market is also getting spoiled by the cheap Chinese stuff !

  6. just thought you might want to see this:

    seems like all is not good in Nokia land. Being Canadian and recently having acquired a Nokia N8 got me a little concerned and disappointed with Elop for this. I will never have another Blackberry for a personal device. Windows – forget it. Apple – I like choice – my own specifically. Android – nice and playful but too much change. Hopefully these people will turn it around and get Nokia on the right path.

  7. This is an example where it was engineers vs. management and the engineers lost. How is Nokia going to hire any half decent technical people going forward? It will be all contractors from now on. Plus Nokia is going to realize that Microsoft ships on their own time line. Microsoft is a large company with many bureaucratic processes.

    My prediction: We will see android running on Nokia within three years.

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