Where’s my money gone? Update…


Followers of the blog will know I’ve had a little trouble with Oracle Norway randomly taking money off me for no reason.

Today I got the money refunded, but there was a snag. I was refunded less than the amount that was taken. I’m guessing this has something to do with exchange rates etc. So as it stands I am about £40 out of pocket, which is significantly better than the several thousand pounds I was before.

As you can image, I sent an email off this morning asking for the missing money. Let’s see how quickly that is dealt with.



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One thought on “Where’s my money gone? Update…”

  1. Call them.

    I had that happen to me too, a transaction failed at the store but was charged to my card. It was automatically refunded but in between the exchange rate had gone down so I was out of pocket. I called them to complain. First the rep said ‘you win some, you loose some’, but I responded that I shouldn’t be out of pocket for a failed transaction. They refunded me the difference.

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