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I can see Super 8 getting really mixed reviews because it feels a little like The Goonies meet Cloverfield.

Personally, I liked it and could see past the odd cheesy bits, but I can also see why some would think it falls short. There is a very E.T. childlike feel to the film, which is hardly surprising as the lead characters are kids. There is also the Stand By Me coming of age aspect. All this is wrapped up with a bow made of some fantastic visual effects.

Cool film, but difficult to pinpoint the target audience they had in mind (in my opinion). I’m sure over the next few years I will watch and enjoy it several times, but I don’t think I will be buying it.



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3 thoughts on “Super 8…”

  1. Tim, I enjoyed Super 8 as well. But I think that the target audience for this film, and any other summer blockbuster, is and always will be teenaged boys.

  2. I still have my Dad’s DeJur 3 lens 8mm and Kodak Super-8 cameras and a splicing tool. I even have a stop-motion film I made as a school project around 1969. And a whole cardboard box full of family films going back to the ’40s. My projector has gotten iffy though, it makes scary burning rubber smells. I keep idly wondering when and how all that will get digitized. I haven’t even had time to get to the vcr stuff I do have the tech to digitize.

    Most of the people in that school project film are in an active facebook memories group, I’m sure they’d love to see it. I think one of the guys is an SAP consultant.

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