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  1. Unfortunately, the premise of conspiracy and secrecy regarding Apollo 18 fails laugh test. No place on planet could hide the takeoff of a Saturn V rocket. The light, noise, and seismic activity of that blastoff could not be masked and has a well documented and public profile.

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    In the film they never try to hide the fact another Saturn rocket was sent. They just say it was used for another purpose, rather than a moon landing. So they have covered that base, from the perspective of this film. 🙂



  3. As a story line it’s predictable and lame, and I’m not into horrors. As an Apollo program “fan” I thought I’d be tearing shreds off this film from a technical point of view. But I was’nt. I have to say that in many films where space suits are involved they often don’t look baulky enough. Not here they have detailed the A7LB “J” mission suits really well. Even the CMP has the suit that is different from the two other guys and the nozzles are properly clustered in groups of three. The helmet visors the snoopy caps and the task booklet on the sleeve. Even the Omega speedmaster on an extended velcro strap it’s all there. Hey ,was Ed Fendell even moving the Rover camera?
    The film has that soft faded filtered effect that you sometimes get from old Apollo lunar film. The interior of the LM was pretty good although no velcro on the floor. My biggest issue was they that landed in this tight little spot. In most apollo portrayals they get this wrong. No smooth rolling hills or plateaus.
    I was stunned when I immediately recognised the Soviet lander from russian websites showing the proposed design. It actually looks like what the russians were intent on sending to the moon but did’nt.
    So storyline , crap horror ,slow pace, but space suits, interiors and exteriors of spacecraft and general equipment, they did their homework.
    I wonder what Joe Engle, Dick Gordon and Vance Brand make of it?

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