Oracle 11gR2 RAC on Oracle Linux 6.1 using VirtualBox…


It’s all a bit last minute, but today I decided to do an Oracle 11gR2 ( RAC installation on Oracle Linux 6.1 using VirtualBox. The patch has fixed all of the installation issues related to RAC on OL6.1, so it was pretty smooth. The procedure can be seen here.

As noted in the article, the screen shots of the GI and DB installers are from an article. I’ll update these screen shots when I get back from OpenWorld. Like I said, it was all a bit last minute. 🙂 Normally I wouldn’t put an article like this live (and you can see it’s not on the homepage yet), but I get lots of questions about this subject, so I thought I would make it available to make my life easier.



PS. There is no suitable oracle-validated package available for this at the moment, so the prerequisites have to be done manually.

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  1. Tim, I can’t get past step 4 of 9 for the grid install as the splash screen just freezes and then it looses it writing for a while. It comes back later but it is very very very very very slow. A click takes almost 2.5 minutes to show anything. Can’t see anything in the logs but I suspect it is either java or display. I just can’t understand why. Have you seen this before? Many thanks

  2. Derek: Problems with the installation usually come about because of one of the following:

    – Under-specced hardware for the host OS.
    – VMs with too like memory allocated.
    – People miss out specific prerequisites.
    – People do not use the software listed, thinking different versions will be OK.

    I’ve not seen your issue. It all just works for me.



  3. I am newbie and I am trying to Install oracle 11gR2 rac on my laptop. In the begining you have mentioned VirtualBox (Must be version 4.1.2 or later) rpm -Uvh VirtualBox-4.1-4.1.2_73507_fedora15-1.x86_64.. Do we need to Install first linux software and on top of it I need to Install virtual box?
    If so It will have 4 flavors.. first window7 ontop of Linux software. On top linux rpm -Uvh VirtualBox-4.1-4.1.2_73507_fedora15-1.x86_64 software.Inside this I need to create again linux? Correct If I am wrong…


    Your using linux machine. On top of it you have Installed rpm -Uvh VirtualBox-4.1-4.1.2_73507_fedora15-1.x86_64?

    Could you please help me. I just graduated and I am trying to learn RAC.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  4. Hi.

    You install VirtualBox on whatever operating system you have on your laptop. I have Linux on my desktop, so I installed VirtualBox on that, then installed Linux in each VM. If you have Windows on your laptop, then you will install VirtualBox on that, then install Linux in your VMs. VirtualBox can be installed on top of Linux, Windows or OS X.

    Note. You need at least 8G of memory on your laptop, preferably 12+G to get RAC running successfully on it.

    Try reading this before you start:



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