iOS 5 on my iPad1…


I’ve just put iOS 5 on my iPad, who wants to touch me?

It took about 30 minutes in total, but I’ve heard some on Twitter saying it took them 3 hours. The update does a full backup and restore, so I guess the more stuff you have on your iPad or iPhone, the longer it takes.

What has changed? Still hasn’t turned it into a white iPad 2… 🙂

For the casual user like me it seems pretty much the same. I only use the browser and play the odd little game, so I guess I’m not the person to ask about the life-changing nature of iOS 5. 🙂



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One thought on “iOS 5 on my iPad1…”

  1. Really disappointed with it to be honest, wish I could go back. Tabbed browsing sucks, much preferred the previous version, too much screen is lost on tabbed. Other than that iPad 1 also misses out on the photos editing, and apart from that from what I can tell, the only real add in is twitter functionality. News stand is a waste of time, memory and screen space as i cant get the Times through it, and the new Music player is awful. Oh and some of the basic touch gestures have gone too. All in all, wish I hadnt updated. 🙁

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