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I mentioned the day before Open World I put a Virtual RAC on Oracle Linux 6.1 article live. Although the procedure was complete, some of the screen shots were from an old article as I didn’t have time to redo them before my flight. 🙂 I’ve just run through the procedure again and taken new screen shots. As a result, I’ve allowed the article to display on the front page of the website, which is why you will see it listed as a new article there.

This kinda rounds out the whole Oracle on 6.1 stuff as there has been a single instance installation guide out for ages and more recently the Cloud Control installation, which references it.

Remember, it’s still not certified yet, but it’s coming.



Update: It’s finally certified. See here.

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3 thoughts on “Oracle Database on Oracle Linux 6.1…”

  1. Hi, Do you think Oracle Linux would be a good OS for a laptop? I hadn’t heard of the distribution before I followed the link from your blog.

    I have been having a number of crashes and disappointments with F16 lately. I can’t migrate to a Debian/Ubuntu based distribution because of some software constraints. (My primary analyses software, R has some strange numerical sorting issues on ports on platforms other than RHEL.) I have tried CentOS in the past but it has issues configuring my wireless card.

    Should I even be considering Oracle Linux as an OS? My most important tasks on my linux machine is statistical analyses using R and related tasks such as compiling LaTeX etc for statistical reports. Wireless connectivity is also very important.

    Any thoughts on the suitability of Oracle Linux would be great. Thanks!

  2. Hi.

    I wouldn’t pick Oracle Linux as a laptop OS, or even a desktop OS. Typically, even new server OSes are well behind in terms of package versions and driver support. This is fine for a server, where stability is more important than the latest and greatest browser, but it is really annoying for a desktop.

    I use Fedora 16 on all my desktops and servers, but always install Oracle on VMs running Oracle Linux. I have no problems with Fedora, but then I’m not running on a laptop, so mileage may vary.

    If I were to pick a RHEL clone for a desktop (not installing Oracle directly), I would probably pick CentOS 6 as updates are free. For Oracle Linux, you have to wait for respins (6.0, 6.1, 6.2 etc) if you want updates for free.



  3. Thanks very much for your reply. I will probably try Cent OS again. I have a minimum of 2-3 system crashes everyday with Fedora 16. It has to be something about hardware incompatibility with my laptop. Strangely I did fairly well with Fedora 15. Maybe I should just roll back to 15.

    Thanks once again!

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