Browser Stats…

Website stats are an odd thing. If you look at them too often and you start to think they matter, which is why I avoid looking at them for months on end. :)

I’ve seen a couple of browser share articles recently, so I decided to check out the spread for my website ( The top 3 were a little predictable.

On the 14th March 2011, the numbers were:

  • Internet Explorer: 42.32%
  • Firefox: 38.68%
  • Chrome: 15.19%

So IE and Firefox are declining while Chrome is on the rise.

The breakdown for IE is a little scary.

So there are about 9% of techies still using IE 6. :(

Look away from the stats… Look away from the stats…



Update: For Frits Hoogland, here is the Broswer-OS breakdown.

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