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One of my justifications for buying the iPad was I would use the Kindle App on it and save lots of money on buying paper books. That didn’t happen because the iPad is a really crappy reading device for novels. It’s way to big and heavy and has a nasty glossy screen that it totally crap for reading unless the light is perfect…

Using the same price justification again, I finally got round to buying myself an Kindle from Amazon. I bought the lowest spec one, which should be fine for me. My first impressions are it’s really cool. It’s very small and lite and most importantly the screen is great for reading novels.

I’ve just started reading the Repairman Jack series. Comparing the Kindle and paperback prices of the books, that series alone should pay for the cost of the device.

Let’s hope I do better with this than the iPad… 🙂



PS. So now I have to travel with a laptop, iPad and Kindle… 🙁

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  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas this year. Was always a big ‘I PREFER THE BOOK’ sort, but was definitely won over. The latest Kindle is perfect size and has that wonderful e-ink. I think I’ve bought about $300 worth of books (digital and even in print) since I got it as I’m back to being hooked on reading!

  2. Only thing I miss on my Kindle is a SD card of some sort.
    So that I can use a library of the said cards. I have that on my Kogan e-reader (also e-ink) and it is amazing.

  3. “PS. So now I have to travel with a laptop, iPad and Kindle…”

    At least you’re not having to travel with a laptop, iPad and 1 (or more) books!

    I used to take ~10 books away with me when I went on holiday, which was most of an airflight bag… now there’s loads of luggage space spare, ever since I bought my ereader! *{:-D

  4. Same holds true for all other tablets and mobile devices with the Kindle App installed.
    Real Kindle with e-ink is just unbeatable. I still got the non-touchscreen one and am actually very happy about that (no fingerprints and swipes all over the screen).

    I prefer carrying around an additional device if it fulfills its role so perfectly!

  5. My Kindle (my second actually, after the first bricked and was replaced by amazon), just got a damaged screen during rough play with kids, but I see estimates that the Kindle Fire is due out in the next month or so. An excuse for an upgrade, possibly.

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