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Several years ago I met Arjen Visser and Bertie Plaatsman from Dbvisit and they told me about their standby database product, which is a replacement for Data Guard. Now I don’t spend much time on non-Oracle products, but this one was interesting to me as it works on Standard Edition, unlike Data Guard which is an Enterprise Edition option. From that point onward I kept seeing Arjen and conferences and telling myself I really should take a look at the product.

Over last year I bumped into Arjen at a few conferences, along with some other members of the company (Eric, Mike and Vit). They are a cool group of people, so my interest in their products was ignited again. Finally, after several years of showing interest I tried out the standby product towards the end of last year, which resulted in the following article.

I held the article back until now because I was waiting for version 6.0.16 to be released so I could check out the revised web interface.

It’s a really nice product. Simple to install. Easy to use. Does exactly what it says it does. Most importantly, it’s backed by a cool group of people. When I tried the previous releases I had a few comments about the documentation and those were taken on board and changes were made. This is why I like dealing with smaller companies. There aren’t endless layers of bureaucracy involved in changing a few sentences in an install document. 🙂

I’ve said I’ll give their replication product (kinda like Golden Gate) a go, but based on previous experience it will probably take me about 4 years to get round to that. 🙂



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  1. As I’ve not had the time to look at DBV yet, I was wondering if this is purely an archivelog-shipping solution?


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