(Orthodox) New Years Resolutions…


I’ve not become all religious. I’m just using this variant on new year to start my new year in earnest. The start of this year has been a little shaky for me. The first couple of days I was a little under the weather and I kinda decided to break all my planned new years resolutions to make myself feel better. Seeing as now we are half way through January, that process lasted a little longer than I expected. 🙂

I don’t really take new years resolutions very seriously, so instead I’m going to list a few things I am going to focus on in the coming year. Kinda like a mission statement to try and live up to.


  • Keep trying to write new material, but don’t worry if it comes slow. It’s been a long time since 11gR2 was released and 12c won’t come until the end of the year. This period is always a little stagnant.
  • Revise your existing material. Some of the stuff on the site is 11+ years old and it’s well dodgy. (blog post about that on the way)
  • Start writing more general stuff about Linux. (See below)
  • Write more, but don’t always hit the publish button on everything.

Tech Stuff:

  • I fancy doing the RHCSA and RHCE exams. I’ve been using Linux for over 10 years and looking through the syllabus I seem to know most of the content, but it will be a nice exercise to focus on it for a while. I might write articles on my revision notes for the exams, even if I never bother getting round to taking the exams themselves. 🙂


  • Keep getting to the gym. Not every day has to be a memorable performance. Just don’t get out of the rhythm of going.
  • Eat less. Whatever you think you need, halve it and have a little bit less than that. Remember, your stomach is the same size as your fist.


  • Be more tolerant of others. You expect others to tolerate your peculiar ways, so return the favor.
  • Be a bit more sociable. I like meeting people, but it is not a natural state for me. If I’m honest I’m happiest when I’m on my own. Give humans a chance.
  • Speak less, listen more. (like that’s going to happen)
  • Consume less. This might sound funny to people who know me because apart from computers I own nothing, but there is always something else you can get rid of. Don’t become a martyr to the process though.
  • Try to wear something that isn’t an OTN t-shirt. I was told by someone at a conference that they were asked, “Who’s that guy that’s always in Oracle t-shirts?” 🙂
  • Either grow a beard or shave more often. Take your pick.
  • Try not to take criticism personally, especially when it comes from the internet.

That’ll do for the moment… 🙂



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6 thoughts on “(Orthodox) New Years Resolutions…”

  1. so does that make you the scruffy, lazy, introverted bloke that only owns oracle tshirts with an out-of-date website who pretends to know stuff about linux – who may not take this as a joke as intended?

    I think not. More of the same same but different, nice list Tim.

  2. Great goals and I have many of these in mind as well. By the way, if you shave more, then you will look a lot like the British actor Simon Pegg. If you let it grow, as long as you get fit then you will look more like Jason Statham.

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