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I wrote in my New Years Resolutions post I was considering writing some revision notes for, and ultimately sitting, the RHCSA and RHCE exams.

I’ve started on that journey now with a bunch of articles.

I’m trying to keep the articles focussed on the syllabus for the exams, which is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a battle between saying enough to be useful, without regurgitating the man pages. When I’m writing about Oracle I feel like I find that point quite naturally. I’m still a little hesitant about doing the same for Linux.

Having been a Linux fanboy for over a decade, there is little in the syllabus that is completely new to me, but already the background reading has sent me on a few interesting tangents. That’s one of the nice things about reading manuals. You go looking for one specific bit of information, then accidental veer off into something completely different which is much more interesting. 🙂

The articles will be grouped together in this location on the main Linux page of the site:

In addition to the new articles, some old ones have been linked there as they are relevant. Where necessary I will update the old articles in time.

I have no time scale in mind as far as preparing for the exams, but it would be nice to get them done before Oracle 12c is released, or they will get delayed for 18 months. 🙂




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9 thoughts on “New Linux Articles…”

  1. LOL. Sometimes WordPress tries to do “clever” stuff when linking to URLs on on the same domain. Forgot to check for “clever” stuff this time.

    Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂



  2. Tim,

    Why are you going for the Red Hat certification and not the Oracle Linux Certification (1z0-402 and 1z0-403) ?

    Is the RH better? or are you taking the RH-track because there are no books for OEL certification ?


  3. Jos: My reasons:

    1) The RH certification has been going for a long time and has a lot of industry recognition. In contrast, the Oracle Linux certification is new and I doubt anyone outside Oracle circles even knows it exists.

    2) The RH exam is hands-on (like the OCM exam). You actually have to do the stuff on a real box. It proves you can actually do it. In contrast, the Oracle certification is a regular exam (like the other OCA/OCP exams). Certifications like this have a very bad reputation for people using braindumps to pass. It is a much less valid test in my opinion.

    3) Oracle Linux is a tiny minority of the total RHEL (plus clones) installations out there. We know that OL, RHEL and CentOS are the same thing, but not all employers do. Having a RHEL certification just seems more valid to me. If I were doing it for employment purposes, I would definitely pick RHCSA and RHCE over the Oracle equivalents.



  4. Thanks for your reply Tim, very useful.

    I Think I’m going for RHCSA, or at least buy the book first and see what happens next….

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